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Featuring Pilar Petropolous-White, Darla Dean Lewis and Ellen Dubin

ISABEL, a fiery redhead armed with a sword and donning an armored helmet meets DELILAH in detention at school.  Delilah, a young Goth girl is equally disillusioned as Isabel, longing for more than the sweet release that a few cuts on her wrist can give. The girls find strength in each other as they defy controling family members that try and stand in the way or their new love. 


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Featuring: Pilar Petropoulous-White, Darla Dean Lewis and Ellen Durbin

Written & Directed by Deborah Attoinese


Official Selections include:

Poppy Jasper Film Festival 2019

Brooklyn Women's Film Festival 2018

Chelsea Film - Women In Film  NYC 2017

Cinema Preview Festival - San Francisco 2017

Canon Burbank Short Film Festival 2017

Independent Filmmakers Festival Beverly Hills Music Hall  2017

Connect Film Festival  Los Angeles  (2016)

ARPA International--Egyptian Hollywood Theatre   2016

Palm Spring Shortfest (Film Market)  2016


PITOCLIK - Film Festival & Community

 Written by Nicole De Menese

© All rights reserved Deborah Attoinese-Overall Productions

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