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a documentary film by Deborah Attoinese


WOMEN & FIRE is the story of Abby Bolt, a former rodeo queen, hardworking leader, and dedicated single mom. And firefighter. Growing up in the forests of California, Abby is, as her sister remarks, a bulldozer of a woman.  Her parents supported her joining the US Forest Service when she graduated from high school, and proudly watched her climb the ranks to Battalion Chief of an elite team of firefighters. But when in 2012, this 22-year-veteran was sexually assaulted and raped by a fellow-firefighter and subsequently filed a report Abby realized she was no longer considered a member of the team. WOMEN & FIRE is the story of one woman's battle against a monolithic foe, not for justice, retaliation or even money, but for self-worth. It is an attempt to reveal the drastic dysfunction and discrimination that exists within the U.S. Forest Service, an organization whose firefighting members must rely on teamwork, support, and unconditional dependability to survive. As it turns out, those practices do not exist the same way for women firefighters as they do men.

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For more please go to WOMEN & FIRE'S official website: 
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Check out our successful Seed&Spark Campaign and Anthony Ferranti's wonderful article in the
FILM INDEPENDENT magazine regarding this powerful documentary we're working on regarding the sexual harassment that has plagued our U.S. National Parks and Forest Service for years.


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The Forest Service is Silencing Women

Written By Kathryn Joyce

Huffington Post/Highline
Out There No One Can Hear You Scream
Written By Kathryn Joyce
Video and Photo by Emily Kassie

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Mountain Journal

A Black Woman Who Tried To Survive In The Dark, White Forest

Written By Melody S. Mobley

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