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They rappel out of helicopters into burning hell to protect our forests, our wildlife,

our future. But who protects them? This is the story of Abby Bolt, a former Rodeo Queen and single mom who climbed the ranks to Battalion Chief of an elite team of firefighters for the U.S. Forest Service. In 2012, this incredibly brave 22-year-veteran was sexually assaulted and raped by a fellow firefighter. But the assault didn’t stop there.  She subsequently filed a police report and found she was now a pariah within her own ranks.  Unsupported. Unappreciated. And unsafe. "PLAYING WITH FIRE" is the story of this one woman's battle against a monolithic foe. It begins to reveal the drastic dysfunction and gender discrimination that exists within the U.S. Forest Service, an organization whose firefighting members must rely on teamwork, support, and unconditional dependability to survive. To females in the U.S. Forest Service, the fight doesn’t

end with the fire.



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The Forest Service is Silencing Women

Written By Kathryn Joyce

© All rights reserved Deborah Attoinese - Overall Productions

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